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What is ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is a long term protection option for your vehicle. If maintained properly a ceramic coating will last several years. Containing Si02 particles this liquid polymer is applied by hand to the vehicles exterior surfaces. The coating chemically bonds to the factory paint, creating an impermeable glass-like layer over the vehicles clear coat. A ceramic coating will protect your vehicle like a wax or paint sealant would but is thicker, harder, & more durable, Providing superior protection against the elements such as UV damage, bird droppings, water and bug etchings, and chemical staining. In short a ceramic coating will help keep your vehicle looking new year after year.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Mclaren ceramic coating application

For clients seeking peace of mind, knowing their vehicle is equipped with the ultimate protection against the elements.


Ceramic Coating Packages

Aventador matte ceramic coating
  • Pro - 2 year

This is our entry level ceramic coating package providing 2 years of protection. Full car package including paint, glass, and rims. Perfect for clients who want an easy washing experience and for leased vehicles.

  • Diamond - 5 year

Our most popular ceramic coating package providing 5 years of protection. 2 coats are applied making Diamond a thicker more durable coating and giving the car an incredibly deep shine. Stay better protected from swirls and scratching during regular washes.

  • Interior - 2 year

Specialty formulated ceramic coating for application on all interior leather, fabric, vinyl, and plastics surfaces. Keep your interior better protected from spills, stains, cracking and fading caused by UV rays.

Ceramic Coating Process

TRX washing

Step One

The vehicle is prepped with a full decontamination wash. This process starts with a thorough hand wash followed by an iron fallout and clay bar treatment. The iron fallout is a chemical decontamination method to loosing and remove iron particles and other embedded contamination that can deteriorate the paint. The clay bar is use to apply light abrasion on the vehicles surface to physically remove any left over, stubborn contaminants. This process completely ensures the paint is a clean slate for the ceramic coating to bond to properly.

Step Two


Once the paint is completely clean its time for the paint correction and polishing phase. Using different combinations of pads and compounds we use a machine polisher to correct and remove any defects from the vehicles surface. Besides the fact that we want the vehicle to look its best, it is important to remove imperfections from the paint to create a smooth surface for the ceramic coating to bond to. For this reason every vehicle, new or old, will at minimum get one step of polishing. The level of correction performed will be dependent on the starting condition of the paint and expectations of the client.

Jeep paint correcting
C8 corvette 5 year ceramic coating

Step Three

Now that all the hard work is done its time to apply the ceramic coating. The vehicle is wiped down with a ceramic prep solution which will remove any oils and polishes that were left on the vehicle from the paint correction stage. We then apply the ceramic to all surfaces of the vehicle. This includes paint, glass, plastic trim, and rim faces. The ceramic coating will need 24 hours to cure before it should be driven and 2 weeks to fully cure before I can be washed.

Ceramic Coating FAQ

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last?

Ceramic coatings will last 2 - 5 years or more depending on which ceramic option you select. This is only achievable if the ceramic coating is properly maintained using correct washing methods and products. If improper methods are used (drive through car wash) the coating can diminish quicker.

Do I Need a Paint Correction?

If its a brand new car it may not need paint correction but at minimum it will still need a paint enhancement. This is also known as a "polish" to remove any marring or very minor imperfections. If your vehicle has more than 5,000 miles there is a good chance it needs moderate paint correction before application of a ceramic coating.

Will a Ceramic Coating stop Scratching?

No, a ceramic coating will not make your car scratch proof or prevent rock chips. Ceramic coatings provide extreme durability from water spotting, bug etchings, UV damage, and WILL make your vehicle more scratch resistant, all while also adding extreme gloss and shine.

Can Ceramic Coating Replace My Clear Coat?

If your vehicles clear coat is damaged and peeling you will need to have the vehicle repainted. Ceramic coating will however add extra durability and longevity to a "thin" clear coat that has been worn down over the years. Helping to prevent the clear coat from failing. 

How Long Does Ceramic Take To Install?

The time frame for a ceramic coating install depends on the size of the vehicle and the level of prep and paint correction performed. A sedan with a level 2 paint correction can take about 6 hours, while a SUV with a level 3 paint correction can take 9 - 12+ hours.


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