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Correct Your Cars Blemishes

Contact us to revive your cars paint in Fort Myers, FL

Does your cars paint have swirling, scratches, water spotting, or maybe its just looking a little dull and faded. You can count on Reflection Detailing to restore your cars appearance. We provide vehicle paint correction services in Fort Myers, FL and surrounding areas.

We consider important information before performing a paint correction , such as remaining clear coat, type of paint, and starting condition of the paint. Once we have the full picture, we can determine the best course of action to achieve your ideal outcome.

Contact us now to arrange for our professional paint correction and polishing services.

Paint Correction Services

Paint Enhancement

Light polishing of the vehicles paint to remove minor marring and haze. 

One Step

Hybrid compound is used to improve and or remove swirling and minor defects from the paint.

Cut & Polish

A dedicated cutting step to correct heavier defects is followed up with a polishing step to remove hazing and restore clarity in the paint.


What is Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process of using a machine polisher with various pad and compounds to permanently remove swirls, scratches, water spotting, oxidation, and other defects from the vehicles clear coat. These defects, even though microscopic, cause an uneven surface. Paint correction will smooth and level out the surface, allowing light to reflect back in a uniform direction, creating the sought after high gloss, high clarity, and mirror like appearance.

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Paint Correction FAQ

What Is Paint Correction? 

Paint correction is the process of permanently removing defects from clear coat, single stage paint, gel coat, or clear plastics. These defects include swirling, scratching, etchings, water spotting, sanding marks, marring, and paint oxidation. 

What Level Paint Correction Do I Need?

The only way to know for certain the level of paint correction needed is after inspection and correcting a small test spot on the vehicle.

Greater level of correction is usually required if its an older vehicle, heavily driven, drive thru car washes, non garage kept, has water spotting, dark colored, or has hard clear coat such as Audi, VW, Mercedes, and BMW. 

Can My Car Be Paint Corrected?

The clear coat thickness on the vehicle will determine if its eligible for paint correction. Clear coat wears down over time from washes and UV rays. Generally speaking if your vehicle is 5 years old or newer it can be corrected without issue. It is still important to take paint gauge readings before performing a paint correction, especially on older vehicles.

How Long Does Paint Correction Take?

Paint correction can take anywhere from 3 to 10+ hours depending on the condition and size of vehicle. The worse the conditon the more correcting steps need to be taken and therefor the more time that is needed.

How Long Does Paint Correction Last?

Paint correction permanently removes scratching and swirling so it will last as long as its properly maintained. If the car is taken through a car wash the vehicle can be back to the same starting condition in a couple weeks. To help preserve the flawless paint  after a correction we always recommend a ceramic coating to add a durable layer of protection. This will help keep the paint in its best condition with less chance of defects.

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