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Importance of Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process of using a machine polisher with different combinations of pads and compounds to permenantly remove swirls, scratches, oxidation, water spotting, marring, paint transfer, and sanding marks from the clear coat of the vehicle. These defects can create an uneven surface area. By leveling down and smoothing out the surface light will reflect back in uniform direction, illuminating the paint finish and creating the sought after high gloss, high clarity, and mirror like appearance.


Paint Correction Services Bonita Springs

Paint Correction FAQ

What Is Paint Correction? 

Paint correction is the process of permanently removing defects from clear coat, single stage paint, gel coat, or clear plastics. These defects include swirling, scratching, etchings, water staining, sanding marks, marring, and paint oxidation. 

What Level Paint Correction Do I Need?

The level of paint correction will be determined by a number of factors including starting condition of the paint, the hardness of the paint (German and British car tend to have very hard paint), the color of the car and the overall expectations you have. If you have a brand new car and want to give the paint an enhancement level 1 is a good fit. If your vehicle hasn't been properly washed and is a dark color you'll want to get a level 2 or 3 depending on your preferences of defect removal. For showroom shine you'll need a level 4. 

Can My Car Be Paint Corrected?

The clear coat thickness on the vehicle will determine if its eligible for paint correcting. Clear coat wears down over time so on older vehicles or vehicles left out in the sun the remaining clear coat must first be measured. For the most part any vehicle within 10 years can be corrected. Vehicles older than 10 years still can but need to go through an inspection first.

How Long Does Paint Correction Take?

Paint correction can take anywhere from 3 to 10+ hours depending on the condition and size of vehicle. The worse the conditon the more correcting steps need to be taken and therefor the more time that is needed.

How Long Does Paint Correction Last?

Well paint correction permanently removes the scratching and swirling so it will last as long as its properly maintained. If the car is taken through a car wash the vehicle can be back to the same starting condition in a couple weeks. If proper care and washing methods it will last for much longer. We always recommend a ceramic coating after a paint correction to add a durable layer of protection. This will help keep the paint in its best condition with less chance of defects.


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